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Testimonials of Former Clients

You were always available at the drop of a hat when I needed something, or just had a basic question. Your response time was exceptional, which I really appreciate! Hiring you would an excellent decision. You are a hard-working, intelligent and caring man. You have everything all rolled into one.

– Heidi B., Clive, Iowa

Matt is an excellent writer and his deposition summaries were always very concise and easily understandable. I also believe he captured the essence of what was important and meaningful from the testimony given. It was always a pleasure working with Matt and I appreciated his candor and his grasp of the law.

– Donna C., Naperville, IL

I found that many of the attorneys that I had retained were technically proficient, but lacked various interpersonal skills that I believe were necessary to be successful in an intricate environment involving complex personalities and potentially considerable damages...While I’m confident people will take an immediate liking to your overall persona as they have always done, it’s when they realize your abilities to assimilate complicated social and legal issues for their benefit is when they will appreciate having found you as a confidant and advisor. I know that I’ll be sending my friends your way!

– Harry H., New Buffalo, Michigan

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