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Elder Law

Elder Law

The term "elder law" refers to an area of law that, unlike most practice areas, focuses upon the age of the clients being served rather than the substantive legal issues. Senior citizens and their families face problems that are unique and which require a different kind of lawyer. Chicago attorney Matt Hess is uniquely qualified to counsel and assist you and your loved ones.

When emergencies arise, you need a trusted counselor who you can call to help you through an urgent situation. Whether it be a nursing home admission, need for a guardianship, or the death of a loved one, you can rely on Mr. Hess to be there for you.

Long-Term Care and Medicaid Planning

Because one can never predict when an emergency may arise, it is imperative for seniors and their families to properly plan for whatever the future may hold. Planning for disability is never a pleasant experience, but Mr. Hess will compassionately walk you and your family through all of the long-term planning options that are available to you. An important part of the process for any senior citizen is Medicaid planning, which is the process of allocating assets in such a way that one may become qualified for federal nursing home funding.

Protection and Advocacy for Seniors

Countless other issues may arise which may necessitate the involvement of an attorney, including problems with senior housing contracts, nursing home admissions and discharges, or issues involving elder abuse, neglect and financial exploitation. Mr. Hess believes that it is everyone's duty to protect the most vulnerable members of our society, and he will be a strong advocate on behalf of you and your loved ones in these types of difficult situations.

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