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Happy New Year from Hess…

Happy New Year from Hess Law Firm!

Hess Law Firm wants to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year! Since its founding in 2016, HLF has undergone some changes as it has evolved into the law firm that it is today, and even more change is in store for 2019. Contested Estate Litig… Read More
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Appellate Court Clarifies…

Appellate Court Clarifies who has Standing to File Will Contest Suit

Legatees under previously-executed wills have standing to file will contest petitions even if the will they are challenging contains a revocation clause. Read More
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Supreme Court Upholds Rev…

Supreme Court Upholds Revocation-on-Divorce Statute

The Supreme Court, as usual, finished the 2017-2018 term with a flourish, handing down opinions that will have far-reaching effects for years to come. But amid the excitement surrounding Janus v. AFSCME (where the Court held that Illinois’ extracti… Read More
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Hess Obtains Dismissal of…

Hess Obtains Dismissal of Will Contest Complaint

Matthew R. Hess obtained an order dismissing a will contest complaint with prejudice last month in a case in which a 78 year old decedent left the entirety of his estate to his 73 year-old live-in girlfriend – whom he had known for more than si… Read More
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Don't Overlook Beneficiar…

Don't Overlook Beneficiary Designations When Revising Your Estate Plan Following A Divorce

One thing that often gets overlooked when people revise their estate plan is the need to update the beneficiary designations on life insurance policy, retirement accounts and other accounts and annuities. This is an especially important step when peo… Read More
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Hess Law Firm Teams with…

Hess Law Firm Teams with John J. Pembroke & Associates

Matthew Hess is proud to announce that Hess Law Firm has merged with the firm of John J. Pembroke & Associates, located in Park Ridge, IL. Read More
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Illinois Enacts Law Governing the Disposition of Digital Assets

It’s that time of year again.  There’s a chill in the air, the Christmas music is playing and decorations line the streets. It can only mean one thing – it’s time to review your estate plan. The holiday season is the perfect time to review y… Read More
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​Hess Law Firm is Open for Business

Attorney Matthew Hess is pleased to officially announce the opening of Hess Law Firm. Located in the Beverly neighborhood on the South side of Chicago, the firm will focus on assisting families and small businesses protect their assets and plan for t… Read More
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