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Illinois Moves to Expand…

Illinois Moves to Expand Vote-by-Mail Measures

The Illinois House of Representatives passed a bill this week that would greatly expand voting by mail in the upcoming presidential election as well as make November 3 a state holiday this year. Read More
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Trustee's Attempt to Evad…

Trustee's Attempt to Evade Service Rejected

Illinois’ Third District Appellate Court recently affirmed the judgment of a Grundy County trial court in favor of the trustee of one trust against the trustee of another trust, rejecting the defendant trustee’s attempt to evade service of proces… Read More
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Supreme Court Rebukes Nin…

Supreme Court Rebukes Ninth Circuit for Answering Question not Posed by the Parties

The Supreme Court vacated a decision by the Ninth Circuit Appellate Court involving the conviction of an immigration consulting firm owner after the Ninth Circuit improperly expanded the scope of the questions presented on appeal. Read More
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Second District Applies S…

Second District Applies Savings Statute to Will Contest

The Second District disagreed, however, and in so doing has unequivocally answered “yes” to the question of whether the Savings Statute applies to will contest complaints. Read More
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Supreme Court Punts on Se…

Supreme Court Punts on Second Amendment Case; Preserves Issue for Election Cycle

Justice Kavanaugh’s concurring opinion sheds light on the conservative justices’ frame of mind and makes clear that they are willing – no, eager – to wade back into Second Amendment waters. Read More
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HLF Remains Open During C…

HLF Remains Open During COVID-19 Pandemic

Although the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted normal operations for businesses of all shapes and sizes, HLF is technologically nimble and remains open to meet all of your legal needs remotely. Read More
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Cook County Practice Beco…

Cook County Practice Becomes Law of the Land

Cook County’s informal rule of prohibiting pro se litigants from representing decedent's estates has a basis in law. The First District has left no doubt that a person seeking to represent a decedent’s estate must be represented by an attorney. Read More
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Happy New Year from Hess…

Happy New Year from Hess Law Firm!

Hess Law Firm wants to wish you and yours a very Happy New Year! Since its founding in 2016, HLF has undergone some changes as it has evolved into the law firm that it is today, and even more change is in store for 2019. Contested Estate Litig… Read More
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Appellate Court Clarifies…

Appellate Court Clarifies who has Standing to File Will Contest Suit

Legatees under previously-executed wills have standing to file will contest petitions even if the will they are challenging contains a revocation clause. Read More
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Supreme Court Upholds Rev…

Supreme Court Upholds Revocation-on-Divorce Statute

The Supreme Court, as usual, finished the 2017-2018 term with a flourish, handing down opinions that will have far-reaching effects for years to come. But amid the excitement surrounding Janus v. AFSCME (where the Court held that Illinois’ extracti… Read More
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